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The Payer Direct Hub® (PDH) Overview
What it is:
The Payer Direct Hub® is a secure, PCI-compliant B2B card payment platform specializing in Buyer-Initiated Payment (“BIP”) or “straight-through” processing for commercial cards. Payer Direct Hub® users enjoy automated and controlled, IP-protected, data-rich disbursements queued natively within any ERP / AP file to route through any payments network at any desired interchange rate directly to any merchant acquiring processor on behalf of any supplier and funded by any commercial card account on file at any issuing processor for any issuing bank. For Mastercard-issuing Bank Partners, the PDH is configured to use Mastercard inControl for SIP payments via single-use card generation. For Visa-issuing Bank Partners, the PDH is configured to use Visa VPA APIs and has both ‘Lodged Account’ and ‘Pseudo Account’ capabilities for SIP payments

Payer Direct Hub® Unique Features:

Interchange Control via the PDH & BIP
For BIP payments, the desired interchange can be set at the end-user client payer level or at the supplier level and the interchange rate is achieved – without qualification data and for any acquiring platform. Obtaining favorable interchange (i.e., Large Ticket or “LT”) without qualification data is required by many large suppliers as a precondition for their participation in any card payment program.

Allows Special Purpose Card Use
PDH can also use specialized interchange rates for Visa’s Large Purchase Advantage (“LPA”) or Mastercard’s Commercial Payment Account (“CPA”) to better address the needs of key suppliers. The PDH also can dynamically select the card with the lowest interchange (‘Least-Cost Routing’) or the card with the highest interchange (‘Most-Cost Routing’) depending on the revenue objective of the Partner.

Integrated SIP & BIP Capabilities
PDH uses the same interface for BIP and SIP, which is particularly advantageous when a payer end-user client wants to provide card payment to a broad mix of suppliers without introducing more complexity. Enhanced versions of Mastercard inControl (ICCP2) and Visa Payables Automation (VPA) are both embedded into the interface, allowing Visa and Mastercard payments with files originating from different payers or even combined into the same payer file.

SIP2BIP Conversion
PDH can convert SIP PAN payment instructions and invoice line-item e-mails into a BIP, touchless transaction for the supplier. This architecture works for either Visa “Pseudo” account payments or MasterCard single-use numbers. The functionality is essential for bank clients that are constrained by a legacy SIP system but who have suppliers who prefer the cost and A/R process benefits of BIP payment.


PDH “Simple Instant Pay”
PDH users can instantly generate single-use card numbers for payments to unregistered or one-time suppliers. PDH Simple Instant Pay allows any supplier payment to be made immediately, while capturing any transactional detail needed for reconciliation.

Decline Prevention
This patented BIP feature prevents card-related payment declines from impacting suppliers, while enabling users to easily take corrective action. Decline prevention eliminates supplier confusion and concerns about the payer’s credit, which can lead to supplier attrition.

Unlimited Line Items & Credit Memos
PDH users can process an unlimited number of invoice line items, inclusive of debit and credits, while preserving reconciliation data integrity. This functionality is critical for important large suppliers who use acquiring platforms with line item restrictions. PDH offers highly configurable reconciliation or settlement files for both the payers and suppliers.

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