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The Payer Direct Hub® (PDH) Overview
What it is:
The Payer Direct Hub® is an independently hosted payment service that uses real-time 'straight-through processing'  to facilitate B2B commercial card payments between buyers and suppliers. PDH's patented 'push payment' interface removes the supplier from payment origination, allowing the payer to control when the payment is made and to reconcile payments more easily.

Payer Direct Hub® Features:

Audit & Controls:
The PDH has unique audit and control features that allow it to be configured for corporations and public agencies with either one centralized AP department or many decentralized payment groups.

    ■  Payment Oversight: Maximum spending thresholds can be set with mandatory approval routing when threshold is exceeded.
    ■  Payment Group Hierarchies: Approval routing can be configured for a centralized AP payment department or for independent decentralized payment groups.
    ■  Card Not Required for Payer: Cards with an alias name may be assigned by managers. Employees are not required to have their own cards.
    ■  Fraud Minimized: Because the payee (and optionally the payer) does not know the card number, fraud is reduced.
    ■  Payee Registration Tracking: PDH tracks the steps of payee registration and automatically sends reminders to complete the next step.
    ■  Privileges: The PDH allows Program Administrators to set numerous restrictions on payers by assigning privileges.

Conditional Processing:
PDH's patented processing features minimize interruption of the payment and reconciliation workflow reducing corrective action costs for both the payer and payee.

    ■  Declines Reduced: Payments for declined cards can be suspended automatically preventing unnecessary corrective action. Suppliers never see declines.
    ■  Failed Payment Auto-correction: The system is able to detect recoverable card network errors and resubmit payments automatically.
    ■  Payment Throughput: Batch payments applied to the same card are ranked from smallest to largest when processed to guarantee maximum throughput.

Because the PDH uses a 'push payment' method where the payee is removed from payment submission, the payer controls the capture of reconciliation data with 100% reliability.

    ■  Customizable Interface: P.O. and invoice can be customized for specific industries. Labels and default values are managed by Program Administrators.
    ■  Forced P.O. & Invoice Capture: If the payer forgets to reference an invoice number, the PDH creates unique references that accompany the settlement record.
    ■  Real-time Reporting: Data is available when processed. Reports are available for suppliers one or two days before they can be retrieved from merchant banks.
    ■  Flexible Card Assignments: Cards with alias names may be assigned by senior managers, reducing the number of bank statements to manage.

Single-Payment Option:
In addition to the batch processing option, the PDH has a patented bill pay interface for routing single card payments in real-time.

    ■  Immediate Confirmation: PDH's push payment process allows both the payer and payee to confirm time-sensitive payments within seconds.
    ■  Decentralized Payments: Decentralized payment groups can make payments uncoupled from a centralized accounts payable batch system.

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